RAVN Video featuring Prima Ballerina Holly Jean Dorger. Released January 2019.

Sacrifice is a project by RAVN. We want to bring focus on the hard work there is behind all big achievements. You normally only see the glamour and prestige on the stage and as a spectator you do not think of what the stars has sacrificed to become the best at what they do. Prima Ballerina Holly Jean Dorger is the first to star in the Sacrifice series, where RAVN put focus on unique talents and achievements made by women all over the world…

Ballerina – Holly Jean Dorger
Fashion Designer – Katrine Ravn
Concept – Lars Sørensen
Cinematography / Post / Mix – Costis Mitsotakis
Production Assistant – Brian Møller Larsen
Riging / Safty – Matias Vela Garcia
Production Consultant – Anyka Belén
Camera Assistant – Ramón Dia Castel
Assistant – Raul Ansón Assistant – Sergio Sanz


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