Upcoming shows

Silk and Knife 2 (dates to follow)
27, 52 by J. Kylian
*October 1 3pm
*October 10th 8pm
*October 11th 8pm

*October 21st 8pm
*November 4th 8pm

Dans2Go  NEW! Date and Partner Change
Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux with Jonathan Chmelensky
*November 1 8pm
*November 23 8pm

Dans2Go, Weimar, Nikolaj Hubbe’s New Ballet,
*October 24 8pm
* November 1 8pm
*November 17 8pm
*November 23 8pm
*January 20 8pm
*February 14 8pm
* February 16 8pm
*February 24 8pm
*March 3 8pm
*March 9 8pm

Raymonda (
November 11 8pm
November 16 8pm
November 24 8pm
November 29 8pm

October 8th in Malmo, Sweden: Etoile Ballet Gala (Don Quixote Pas de Deux & Harlequinade Pas de Deux)

Ravn Ravn Commercial will be released December 2017

March 4th Etoile Ballet Gala in Malmo, Sweden.